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Thai Private Sector Collective Action against Corruption(CAC)      แนวร่วมต่อต้านคอร์รัปชันของภาคเอกชนไทย

CAC is an initiative by the Thai private sector to take part in tackling corruption problem via collective action.      CAC was founded in 2010 by the country’s leading business organizations and was designed to be a platform for companies in Thailand to tackle corruption on a voluntary basis through collective action. CAC promotes the implementation of effective anti-corruption policies in order to create a clean business ecosystem. CAC has develop a unique certification program which helps companies apply strong anti-corruption compliance standards. CAC also assumes an advocacy role in graft-fighting on behalf of the business sector.

CAC in a nutshell

Three key objectives of the CAC are building critical mass of clean and transparent business community, uplifting compliance standard of private companies, and co-creating change in public services to enhance efficiency and transparency. The CAC is the sole collective action initiated by the Thai private sector that aims to tackle corruption. With almost 1,000 signatory companies and almost 400 certified companies accumulated over the course of eight years, the CAC has become one of the region’s leading anti-corruption programs in the private sector. The tipping points that lead to a rapid growth in the number of CAC members include recruitment efforts via a sectoral approach and the industry-wide applications by companies in the financial sector, keen support from the authorities and relevant organizations, and the Change Agent role undertaken by CAC members to persuade their suppliers and trading their partners to also adopt anti-corruption practices.
So far, all Thai commercial banks have already been certified while both life and non-life insurers across the board have signed up. Companies in the key financial sector including brokerage firms and asset management companies have all become CAC signatory companies. Key players in the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (PReMA) and Thai Marketing Research Society (TMRS) have also signed up collectively as a group. Moreover Four Nordic Chambers of Commerce have signed a pledge to support their members to join CAC.

Our network

In an effort to reduce corruption in Thailand, CAC works closely with Thai and international partners to raise awareness and push for change. Our major international partner is the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). CIPE is one of the four core institutes of the National Endowment for Democracy and an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce has also been the main funding sponsor of CAC. CAC also works closely with local peers such as Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT), HAND Enterprise, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) to combine forces in tackling corruption.

Our sponsors

CAC is a 100% privately funded organization. Our sponsors comprise of international and local supporters. Part of CAC’s income is derived from offering training courses on Anti-Corruption and Ethical Leadership.  


Founding Organizations :

CAC was founded in 2010 by the country’s eight leading organizations in the private sector including

  • Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand : www.jfcct.org
  • Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD), which also serves as CAC secretariat and takes a leading role in driving the program. : www.thai-iod.com

CAC Council 

Consists of 12 prominent individuals who are highly respected for outstanding professional and ethical achievements. They are responsible for shaping CAC policies and directions as well as granting certification approvals. Among them are former ministers, former central bank governor, former head of Thai Listed Companies Association, Chairman of Anti-Corruption Organizations (Thailand), Chairman of Thai Institute of Directors, and reputable academic scholars

Dr. Panas Simasathien   Dr. Kopr Kritayakirana Dr. Juree Vichit-Vadakan Mr. Paron Israsena Na Ayudhya
Dr. Kovit Poshyananda Dr. Tarisa Watanagase Mr. Krirk-krai Jirapaet Mr. Pramon Sutivong
Mr. Prasan Chuaphanich Mr. Surong Bulakul Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit Mr. Kulvech Janvatanavit


CAC Certification Committee :

Consists of 9 professionals with expertise in business law, corporate governance, internal audit, financial audit and experienced representatives from certified members. The committee is tasked with probing applications for CAC certification to ensure that applicants provide adequate information and evidence.

Mr. Yuth Worachattarn Prof. Kitipong Urapeepatanapong Mr. Anuwat Jongyindee
Mr. Pairat Srivilairit Mrs. Varunee Pridanonda Mr. Yongkiat Kitaphanich

Mr. Surapong Churangsarit

Mr. Pana Ratanabanangkoon


Our Team :


Mr. Kulvech Janvatanavit

IOD CEO and CAC Secretary

Mr. Kulvech has served as CAC Principle Advisor for the past five years and has recently been appointed IOD Chief Executive Officer responsible for crafting and implementing IOD’s strategy. He is a member of the Bank of Thailand Financial Institutions Policy Committee (FIPC) and also a member of the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s Sustainable Development Award Committee. Before joining IOD, he was partner at PwC in Thailand.

Mr. Pana Ratanabanangkoon

CAC Project Director

Mr. Pana is currently CAC’s Project Director responsible for the overall strategy and operations of CAC. Previously, he was responsible for establishing CAC’s SME Certification program and Citizen Feedback projects. Earlier in his career, he worked for Shell in various engineering, commercial and management roles in Thailand, Singapore, Europe and the US. His work experience includes developing new renewable energy projects and business development activities for Shell Wind Energy, Shell Hydrogen, Shell Oil Products, Shell Pipeline and Shell Exploration and Production.

Ms. Chanunda Phongposob

Project Lead

Ms. Chanunda is responsible for overseeing various projects in collaboration with government agencies, International organization, the Foreign Chamber of Commerce and other parties. In 2019, Ms. Chanunda led the project in conducting anti-corruption survey and focus group in the private sector, which is the project that the CAC collaborated with United Nation Development Programme (UNDP). Prior working with the CAC, Ms. Chanunda has over 10 years of working experience as Social Innovation Group Program manager at Cisco Systems (Thailand) Ltd. and Business Development manager at Hewlett-Packard (Thailnd) Ltd.


Ms. Parat Tanchayasit

Assistant Certification Manager

Ms. Parat has nine years of experience in Operation Support and Customer Service for Shell Fleet Card and five years of experience in procurement. She has joined the CAC in January 2018 and played supporting roles in carrying out project activities, particularly the launch of SME Certification program. Ms.Parat also helps coordinating seminar and events, contact with members, answering calls, update data and other administrative works.


Ms. Natsuree Surakiat

Administrative Co-ordinator / SME Program Leader

Miss Natsuree has experience working in Corporate Sales at SAMART Solutions and in Network Design/Enterprise Sales with United Information Highway Co., Ltd. and at GIGA Games Co.,Ltd. She has recently joined CAC in 2020 to assist in coordinating briefings, events and trainings for CAC members and also to provide support to SMEs interested in joining CAC.