If we do nothing.......

If we work together as a Collective Action....

Corruption is one of the most challenging problems facing Thailand. A deep-rooted patronage system, ineffective law enforcement, weak public governance, and a general acceptance of corruption as a way of life have all combined to create a systemic challenge. The scale of the problem is such that the successful eradication of corruption cannot be achieved by the government alone. It requires an orchestrated effort by all stakeholders, including the private sector to tackle the supply side of corruption equation.

The CAC provides a platform for the business sector to become part of a solution to the corruption problem. Engaging more business entities and helping them install anti-corruption policies and mechanisms will directly mitigate overall bribery risks. Given the rolling anti-corruption momentum and ever-increasing participation of private firms of all types and sizes, the CAC hopes to achieve the critical mass and create peer pressure for the remaining players to also uplift their compliance standard to meet those of CAC members. When the majority of key players of each industry adopt clean business practices, it will significantly change the overall business landscape and corruption in all forms will eventually become unacceptable practices.

With an expansive clean business network, the CAC also intends to leverage its power and knowledge gathered from the private sector to help the government identify ‘pain points’ in public service process that are vulnerable to corruption risks and help them develop potential solutions to mitigate such risks.

Lessons from the Thai CAC experiences, particularly the certification program, can be used as a model for other anti-corruption initiatives or as a base to develop a regional certification standard.


CEO of IOD and CAC Secretary discusses the role of CAC in tackling corruption.