SME IA contact list (Thai version)

SME IA Contact List (Excel file) contains names of Independent Auditors (IAs) that have passed CAC SME Independent Auditor training and have recently joined our 2022 IA meeting. SMEs are required to use CAC-trained IAs on this list for certification or have their company’s IA of choice attend the CAC SME IA training, which will have a 5,000 baht training fee.


External SME IAs will first conduct an on-site interview with the SMEs to better understand the business and corruption risks. The interview will take about half-day and the interview guide can be found in this document (updated September 15, 2022). After the interview is completed, the SME IAs should take between 3-5 days to complete the document audits depending on how well the company has prepared the checklist documents according to our guidelines in the IA Script.